You’re dead right… It feels a bit odd to write a post about top water fishing while going through the coldest period since a decade, but here we go. My ‘Tokyo connection” already recommended to have a closer look at Japanese top water tackle a while back, but it seems I was all to lulled by the ultra technologized world of the well known and popular JDM (Japan Domestic Market) tackle makers to give it a try.

Time to have a closer look behind that pretty, shiny curtain to get a glimpse on the diversity and unique style of japanese surface game.

As usual, further research is complicated by the fact that most online resources are Japanese only manufacturer websites and a multitudinous number of small but exciting online shops. Surface game in Japan is heavily rooted in originality and appreciation of traditional rod building and first of all characterized by a passion for highly customized tackle and hand-crafted materials.

It’s amzing to see the unique approach and aesthetic of countless independent tackle and lure makers, which are constantly rethinking existing design concepts while keeping alive the vintage look and feel of traditional forms and shapes. The following pictures are just quoting the multifaceted output of some selected makers I came across during my research.

slowtaper-150x150.jpg revolver-reel hyoko reels code-lures

This first blog about surface game is supposed to give a rough overview about Japanese makers and online resources related to this highly fascinating and multifaceted field. Before focussing on particular makers and products, let’s start with a collection of links for further reference and reading (watching).

Surface Game Links

Blogs & Diaries

Online Shopping Resources

More links and related blogs can be found here.

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