In recent weeks I started researching for outstanding and unique handmade lures and ended up with a large variety of websites and blogs run by talented and versatile designers and artists. For this first part of a planned series of showcases I picked out Abdeal, whose incredible talent shows in a handful of nicely designed topwater lures and plugs that really caught my eye.

While browsing the website and digging through the japanese only pages I found numerous references and links underlining the unique approach of the folks behind these beautifully crafted plugs. I had to confine myself to the insufficient translation services of a popular search engine, but derived a few basic facts and statements that I found worth mentioning.

abdeal-lures_01 abdeal-lures_03

Photography by Abdeal –

As for most of Japans sparkling handmade lure makers, the warmth and naturalness of wood are the catalyst through which unique haptic qualities and experiences are created. Through it’s products, Abdeal is trying to create a special aura and link to connect the eventual owner and bass angler with the passion and craftmanship of the creator.

This kind of poetic vein is underlined by the tenderly designed shapes and forms aswell as an overwhelming sense of aesthetic and coloring. Despite the evident focus on detailing and design, there are some statements pointing out to a more practical approach – keeping in mind the bass angler and the constantly changing conditions he has to face with.

At all Abdeal stands out from the crowd due to it’s technical concepts, unique coloring and breathtaking finish. The look and appearance of their products goes beyond popular patterns while showing a great commitment to the quality of used materials and perfect craftsmanship.

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