Within the last week I had a few opportunities to gain new insights about a field that is completely new and fascinating to me. Thanks to my mentors Tsuyoshi and Yuji (ありがとうごじます。), I’m getting a first vague feeling of what japanese surface game is all about. Still feeling like a Padawan while compiling the components for a 1st topwater setup by the help of useful hints and enlightening advice.

In comparrison to putting together a conventional rod and reel combo, the process of finding a well performing combination of single custom tackle modules, is way more challenging than I initially thought. While working through the single components from bottom to top, I was truly grateful for support and guidance as there are no other online sources worth mentioning except of some japanese-only websites and blogs.

I’m currently targeting a custom topwater setup for casting wooden lures from 1/2 to 1oz from a boat, float tube and from the banks of small rivers and channels. Working through the single components from bottom to top, I was truly grateful for support and guidance and I’m more than just curious about how this project ‘ll turn out in the end.

It all started with selecting a rod-grip that suits not only the reel, but especially the eventual rod that completes the setup. Even if the final decision still up in the air, the following rod grip is one of my favourites.

Because of the fact that I was unsure about whether I would like the soft touch of a pure glass rod or not, we stroke a balance between both available materials with selecting a glass-graphite composite blank. There are only a handful of Japanese custom rod makers utilizing this type of material blend and we quickly ended up with Tsunami Lures’ “Sukiyaki 56” (スキヤキ 5 6) as our first choice.

Image source: Tsunami-lures.com

The Sukiyaki 56 specs and features at a glance:

Blank material: Glass-Carbon Composite
Lentgh: 5.6 ft (Blank Length:4.7 ft / 144 cm)
Lure Weight:5/8oz ~ 1oz and up
Taper Rating: Fast
Action: Medium Heavy
Available Colors : Green & Ivory
Featues: Original Guides with SIC Rings, low ring position for better handling of PE and FC lines

With it’s length or shortness of 5.6 ft, the rod should be perfect for pint-point casting in even difficult situations like heavy cover and overhanging obstacles while the medium-heavy action should ensure handling the big ones with ease. The Sukiyaki 56 is rated as a Fast Taper stick, but it remains to be seen if this specification is up to my expectations. I really like the Regular-Fast Taper of my Vagabond rod that covers lures below 1/2oz, so I’m full of confidence.

Within the next weeks I’ll post more details and insigths about how this custom topwater project turns out. Stay tuned and enjoy browsing the resources below!

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