This 2nd installment of our newly launched showcase series is featuring refreshing “rockin’ style” handmades & custom tackle by Wild Dancer. With their great love for detail and finishing this maker already caught my eye some time ago. Oirginally establised in 1997, “The Wild Dancers” are creating compelling handmade lures of catching simplicity, yet sophisticated in it’s own class and style.

While putting together a handful of must-haves for the coming season, some of their topwater lures immediately made it to the top of a constantly growing list of most likely candidates. Unfortunately there’s a big gap between setting up such kind of lists and finally getting hands on containing lures and goods.

It’s quite difficult to find and purchase lures that are already featured on popular maker and shop websites, because production quantities of most handcrafted topater lures are strongly limited. Some of them are in such high demand, that shops are staging lottery-like events to do justice to customers and potential buyers.

Wild Dancer is truly one of the more popular handmade lure makers from Japan and if you cast a glance at the incredible coloring and finish of their products, the reasons become quite obvious.

wilddancer-tackle wilddancer-tackle wilddancer-lures wilddancer-lures

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Besides their growing portfolio of handmade plugs, Wild Dancer is also known for their custom topwater sticks and rod grips which are as hard to find as their lures (or a four-leaf clover). The official website currently features three different rod series and a small set of “handles”.

The showcased topwater rods are sharing the specifications of most available japanese topwater sticks, but are once again impressing with The Wild Dancers’ own and highly unqiue rockin’ style.

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3 thoughts on “Wild Dancer : ワイルドダンサー

  1. John wrote on :

    These baits have a very “retro” feel, almost a revival of early 20th century handcarved baits.

  2. CM wrote on :

    Hi John,

    welcome + thanks for your comment.

    There’s a renowned and tradition-rich history of topwater lure manufacturing in both the US and Japan with Heddon leading the way since the 19th century. There are several collectors clubs and makers following their tradition and it’s interesting to see their conepts and designs quoted by todays japanese handmade lure makers.

    And of course. If you do some research, you’ll recognize that many of the ‘modern-day’ topwater plugs from Japan are referring to the original Heddon and Smith lures (like the 210Surface & Zara).

  3. These companies bring a refreshing perspective in original hand mades.

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