Since a few days I’m in contact with Osaka based topwater manufacturer Tsunami Lures (津波ルアーズ). While it all began with a simple inquiry about ordering some of their beautiful handcrafted topwater plugs, we ended up in a nice conversation beyond all language barriers. This tiny little website even got a quick, yet flattering write-up at the Tsunami Times blog. Yeay!

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and refreshing frankness of Masami from Tsunami Lures and I’m looking forward to more conversations and further exchange between Osaka and Berlin.

To round things up I’m adding some pictures and further links of some of their topwater lures that that aroused my interest recent days. Enjoy.

Gaucho (ガウチョ)
Tsunami Lures - Gaucho (ガウチョ)
» Product page at / » Video on YouTube

Slapphappy Prop (スラップハッピー プロップ)
Tsunami Lures - Slapphappy Prop (スラップハッピー プロップ)
» Product page at / » Video on YouTube

Bumbinho (ブンビーニョ)
Tsunami Lures - Bumbinho (ブンビーニョ)
» Product page at

Beat Jack del Plastico [Maracas] (ラトル入り)
Tsunami Lures - Beat Jack del Plastico [Maracas] (ラトル入り)
» Product page at

All images are courtesy of Tsunami Lures (津波ルアーズ).

2 thoughts on “Osaka – Berlin Connection

  1. Masami wrote on :

    I like the words “Spinning a network of like-minded souls beyond all language barriers”.
    Thank you.

  2. CM wrote on :

    Glad you like the sub-line. :)

    I was a bit unsure about this one at first, but I think it sums up our conversation quite nicely. Talk soon!

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