Just ordered some lines and hooks for the coming season. As I’m still not 100% sure, whether I should stay with nylon or PE for my reels, I decided to give Brightliver’s topwater PE line a closer look.

Yesterday I got positive reply relating to my inquiry about ordering from overseas and now I can’t wait to equip my new white Maverick 3601 with this bright white line. At least in terms of aesthetic and style it should be a perfect match..

Brightliver topwater line and line tube
Brightliver’s line tube and topwater line

I also had a closer look at some other goods and found their line tubes and double hooks worth to be part of this first oder. I already stumbled upon line tubes in the past, but never took the chance to add some to my boxes. I like the idea of protecting this sensitive part of the line – particularly with regard to topwater plugs equipped with metal props.

To round things up I added two packs of Nosemouth double hooks in both versions – “Rise” (straight hook point) and “Sleep” (hook point curved inwards).

Brightliver double hooks
Brightliver’s Nosemouth double hooks

To get a glimpse of Brightliver’s compelling and perfectly crafted topwater lures and tackle visit Brightliver.com.

Images are courtesy of Brightliver Tackle (ブライトリバー).

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