I just arrived from a two hour ride through the icy streets of Berlin to finally pick up my package from Tsunami Lures. German customs proved their inability once again, but after an hour of (eagerly) waiting and grudgingly paying taxes and customs, I finally got my surprise package.

package from tsunami lures

When getting my Sukiyaki56 and an IRUKA-FE (いるかフェ) back in 2009, I was deeply impressed by the inspiring design and perfect craftsmanship of their topwater products, but today’s arrivals are just drop-dead beautiful. Cant wait to cast these lures on my forthcoming trip to Spain!

I’m still overwhelmed by the contents of this tiny box and would like to to take the chance to send a big “ども ありがとう” to Masami Motoki at Tsunami Lures headquarters.

Alongside with the topwater plugs I ordered, I got a handful of DVD’s documenting recent fishing trips and adventures of the Tsunami Lures staff and friends. I stumbled upon a trailer for one of their DVD’s on YouTube some time ago and really enjoyed watching it. See for yourself: Hola! Mexico

More pictures and detail shots of the package’s content:
Tsunami Lures - Bumbinho (ブンビーニョ) Tsunami Lures - Bumbinho (ブンビーニョ) Tsunami Lures - Slapphappy Prop (スラップハッピー プロップ) Tsunami Lures - Slapphappy Prop (スラップハッピー プロップ) Tsunami Lures - Gaucho (ガウチョ) Tsunami Lures - Gaucho (ガウチョ) Tsunami Lures - Beat Jack del Plastico [Maracas] (ラトル入り) Tsunami Lures - Beat Jack del Plastico [Maracas] (ラトル入り) Tsunami Lures - DVD's Tsunami Lures - Fishing Safari 2008

3 thoughts on ““Love Fishing, Music & Peace”

  1. Dai Tanaka wrote on :

    Nice meet you!!
    My name is Dai. I’m in Japan.
    I love Topwater too.
    I found your website in Brightliver’s Blog.
    As for me, topwaterplug of Japan was surprised at introduction.
    My favorite Lure is Gaullacraft (ガウラクラフト) and FROG (フロッグ).
    Japan is a country of the pride in one’s craftmanship.
    I hope you enjoy Topwater Game!!

  2. CM wrote on :


    Thanks for your comment.
    Currently there are a lot of people coming from the Brightliver and Tsunami Times blogs and I’m happy that this tiny little website get’s so much attention and positive response.

    Frog Products is one of my favorites too. I got their Toy’s Grip back in 2009 and own a few of their lovingly designed topwater plugs.


  3. Dai Tanaka wrote on :

    Hi, Christian!
    Thank you for your comment.
    Your Japanese is good!
    If you occasionally travel to Japan, you contact me.
    Let’s go angling together! The word unnecessary in Fishing.

    Thank you for your wonderful website!! I’ll check your website moreover.

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