This years winter is probably the coldest since the Pleistocene
In general, I don’t care much about the shivering temperatures between November and March, because I’m spending most of my days (and nights) in a well-heated office room at the agency I’m working for. But right now, I’m really missing the sun and some relaxing hours on the water, which is impossible right now, because tabular icebergs are covering all of my favorite lakes in the north of Berlin.

Luckily I got this handful of DVD’s from Osaka, which currently feel like the best medicine to go through this depressing period of the year..
After highly enjoying “Hawaiian Peacockbass” and “Mexico Tour 2009” within the last days, I just finished Tsunami Lure’s Fishing Safari 2008 (in Irumote, Okinawa, Japan). I had a lot of fun while watching – even if my non-existent Japanese skills prevent me from getting the whole story..

It’s quite interesting to see Masami Motoki and friends casting topwater plugs through the mangrove swamps of Irumote which is one of hundreds of small islands belonging to Okinawa Prefecture.

To get a better idea, have a look at this entertaining trailer on YouTube:

Music by Ants Motoki & friends * Utamaro Records

3 thoughts on “Struggling Against Winter Depression

  1. Masami wrote on :

    Thanks for your comment !

  2. CM wrote on :

    Hi Masami,

    I’m glad you liked this brief “feature”. I’m just listening to “Aroma Of Mocha” – my favorite track so far.. Love the way you guys are mixing genres and musical styles. Will check your myspace page more often for updates and new tracks.

    Talk soon!

  3. Hivihhni... wrote on :

    Awesome video, great fishing!

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