After suffering from a weird virus since monday evening and spending more than three consecutive days in bed, I’m (almost) back alive. It will take a few more days to recover, but two overseas sendings that arrived in the afternoon will surely speed up things.

As outlined in a brief blog post earlier this month, I already came to a decision about the ingredients for a second topwater setup and in the meantime all these tiny bits and pieces came together and finally arrived in Berlin by today. I slightly felt like a little boy – eagerly opening christmas presents – while unboxing the well packed sendings from Tokyo and Kanagawa.

The first object, that instantly caught my eye was the gray PVC tube, containing the Stereocaster rod I found on Yahoo Auctions. The condition of Record’s (レコード) 2007er model is quite good and I’m happy with the overall look and feel of this sweet topwater stick.

Genuine Record - Stereocaster
Record’s (レコード) Stereocaster

In comparison to a relatively stiff Sukiyaki56 (1oz over) I already own, the Stereocaster is almost filigree with a more smooth overall feel while stating a similar lure weight. I would rank the taper as a regular slow, but this tiny glass-carbon rod has truly something special on it. Luckily the gamble paid off (again) and I’m really happy that both sticks are complementing each other that well.

Next component, a Resion grip by Robelson (ロベルソン) is simply stunning. The shape of the grip fits my right hand perfectly and the rubber type grip’s size is made for good palming and safe handling.

Robelson - Resion Grip
Robelson’s (ロベルソン) Resion Grip

Lets come to the final and probably most important component of the setup – the reel. As I was looking for the perfect aesthetic match for the Resion grip and because I really enjoyed the vintage egg-hape design of my Isuzu BC731SSS, there was only one decision to make. The price of this beauty caused me sleepless nights, but now that I see her pale-white face, all doubts are gone and forgotten.. See for yourself…

Robelson Maverick 3601
Wooden packaging of Robelson’s Maverick 3601
Robelson Maverick 3601 * unboxing Robelson Maverick 3601

Overall the Maverick feels a bit more rough and direct that the butterly smooth running Isuzu, but I will spare you with further assumptions and guesswork until I was able to do some first casts and field tests. What I can say for now is that the manufacturing and finishing of this sweet little reel is just amazing and that it fits seamlessly to Robelson’s own rod grip.

Robelson Maverick 3601
Robelson’s Maverick 3601 covering the companies own Resion grip

Let’s see how single components are coming together…
When I tried to combine the Resion grip with the Stereocaster rod for the first time, the mix felt somehow odd and unbalanced. The lightweightness of the rod blank just doesn’t correspond to the solid and robust qualities of the grip. Fortunately the Sukiyaki56 made an even better match for the Resion grip, while the more lightweight Toys Grip by Frog Products made a perfect counterpart for the Stereocaster in return.

Topwater Style
More photos and detail shots to follow over the weekend.

The balance of both combinations feels much better and even from an aesthetic point of view the components now blend almost seamlessly into each other. Guess what!? I’m more than happy that I got off gently with this one..

And that’s about that. I’m off to cast some topwater plugs through the apartment..

PS: Spring, where are you!?!

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