Juts a quick blog to start into another busy week here in Berlin.

First of all I like to introduce two recent arrivals to my lure box, which came along with the new topwater rod setup last friday. Through a friendly tackle shop in Kanagawa I got hands on two of stunning topwater plugs by 2tone. I really adore the clean and reduced shapes of his perfectly crafted lures and like the creative use of coloring and used patterns. Some photos and detail shots:

2tone I-Unico (108mm * 3/4oz under)
2tone I-Unico
2tone I-Unico 2tone I-Unico

2tone No. 13 (108mm * 3/4oz class)
2tone No.13
2tone No.13 2tone No.13

Now for something completely different..
Since last week I’m rethinking the idea of getting a float tube for the coming season. Inspired by some posts and entries at the BassPond and Brightliver blogs, I started researching for fishing kayaks. For someone who is pretty new to that topic, I gained a lot on new insights and I’m almost euphoric about the idea of combining my passion for Surface game with sporty ambitions like kayaking. Sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

Taking everything into account and studying the pros and cons, a versatile sit-on-top would be just perfect for my needs. Sit-on-top kayaks are offering good paddling performance at high stability while giving a dry and comfortable ride. The main competitors into this field are Emotion Kayaks and Wilderness Systems, while the latter is surely the more prolific and popular of both manufacturers.

After studying tons of user reviews and spending hours on YouTube watching most of their kayaks in action, I ended up with a compact recreational version of Wilderness’ Tarpon Series. Even if I’m still not 100% sure yet, wether to go for the compact and performant 100er model (length: 305 cm) or the more efficiently sized 120er version (length: 373 cm), I’m stunned by the versatility of this kayak and the throughout positive feedback I found during my online research. A highly customizable SlideTrax Accessory System and large tankwell are obviously making this sit-on-top the perfect fishing water-craft. Like to get more details?

Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 100
The Tarpon 100 by Wilderness Systems (image source)

Tarpon 100 Features & Specifications

[column]• Tarpon Storage Pockets
• Side Carry Handles with Paddle Holder
• 8-inch Orbix Midship Hatch
• Keepers Footbrace System
• SlideTrax Accessory System
• Phase 3 SOT Seating System
• Comfort Carry Handles
• Tankwell w/ Bungee
• 8-inch Orbix Bow Hatch
[column]Length: 10′ / 305 cm
Width: 30.5″ / 77 cm
Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg
Deck Height: 15.25″ / 39 cm
Weight: 55 lbs. / 25 kg
Cockpit Length: 52″ / 39 cm
Cockpit Width: 20″ / 51 cm

Currently I’m looking for a Tarpon 100 to rent from the 6th to 117th of April in the Area around Córdoba, Spain. I’m aware that it’s a one in trillion chance of somebody reading this, but I thought it’s worth a try…

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