Just a miniature blog post to round up a busy tuesday at the office. Time flies and with every passing day, I’m getting closer to the eagerly-awaited trip to Spain. Right now, Berlin is still covered with masses of snow and it’s really hard to imagine that in more less than 60 days, I might enjoy spring-like and comfortably warm temperatures in Andalusia.

Just a few minutes ago arrived at home after a relaxed evening with a colleague at one of Berlin’s most popular Japanese noodle bars. We enjoyed some Kirin beers and delicious Goyza (deep fried pork dumplings) and Katsudon (カツ丼) – a popular Japanese food, containing of a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet. Highly recommended!

katsudon (カツ丼)
Katsudon (カツ丼) is a popular Japanese food.

Before that I had quick excursion to Berlin’s Muji retail store, where I got this sweet acrylic box, that feels like the perfect (home) storage for my topwater plugs. I’m aware that this might sound fussy or overdone, but why hiding these beautifully crafted lures inside dark and gloomy boxes?

Acrylic Box

Already yesterday I stumbled upon a forum post at TackleTour, referring to a truly inspiring piece of video, featuring 1956’s world’s champion caster Johnny Dieckman demonstrating the basics of bait casting. Besides loving the aesthetic and look of this historic footage, I’m once again feeling the obvious affinity and connection between american vintage tackle and Japans topwater makers.

And that’s that for today. Good night from icy Berlin!

3 thoughts on “Snowy Tuesday

  1. Masami wrote on :

    Nice video !

  2. Nato wrote on :

    What’s the name of that noodle bar in berlin? That katsudon looks highly grubbable…no wonder it’s a “popular japanese food.”

  3. CM wrote on :

    Hey Nathan,

    the name is “Makoto” and it’s located at Alte Schönhauser Str. 13, 10119 Berlin. Google map link: http://bit.ly/aC6I3y

    Take care!

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