While browsing eb*y and american collectors websites for vintage topwater items, I stumbled upon numerous antique Pflueger lures and bait-casting reels. Because of their remarkable finishing and visionary engineering behind, I decided to have a closer look at the origins of these american classics.

I was surprised about the lack of information on the official website, but found a handful of books and quite interesting online resources covering the history of Pflueger’s antique lures and Supreme Reels.

Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing 1910
Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing 1910 * Source: akronhistory.org

If you like to read more about legendary lure maker E. A. Pflueger and how his four sons invented and refined the Pflueger reel series since 1913, I recommend browsing the following websites:

Evolution & History

It’s quite fascinating to learn more about the origins of handmade topwater lures and reels, and even if I’m not considering to become a collector of antique fishing tackle, there’s no denying that these perfectly engineered pieces of american craftsmanship are quite appealing.

Have a look for yourself:
Pflueger Sterling Trade Minnow
Pflueger Sterling Trade Minnow
Antique Pflueger Lure Pflueger Globe #3704 from 1930 Pflueger Supreme Reel Pflueger Akron 1895 Longcast