While browsing eb*y and american collectors websites for vintage topwater items, I stumbled upon numerous antique Pflueger lures and bait-casting reels. Because of their remarkable finishing and visionary engineering behind, I decided to have a closer look at the origins of these american classics.

I was surprised about the lack of information on the official website, but found a handful of books and quite interesting online resources covering the history of Pflueger’s antique lures and Supreme Reels.

Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing 1910
Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing 1910 * Source: akronhistory.org

If you like to read more about legendary lure maker E. A. Pflueger and how his four sons invented and refined the Pflueger reel series since 1913, I recommend browsing the following websites:

Evolution & History

It’s quite fascinating to learn more about the origins of handmade topwater lures and reels, and even if I’m not considering to become a collector of antique fishing tackle, there’s no denying that these perfectly engineered pieces of american craftsmanship are quite appealing.

Have a look for yourself:
Pflueger Sterling Trade Minnow
Pflueger Sterling Trade Minnow
Antique Pflueger Lure Pflueger Globe #3704 from 1930 Pflueger Supreme Reel Pflueger Akron 1895 Longcast

5 thoughts on “Antique Pflueger Lures & Reels

  1. Francis Sta Maria wrote on :

    Hi there,
    Do you have any articles on old Pflueger reels. Would love to send you a photo of a Redifor with jewel caps and a Supreme with fish emblem without number but marked B on the foot.
    About the lures, do you sell these?
    Lots of thanks,
    Francis Sta Maria

    p/n: Was a little curious why is ther an asterisk in eb*y?

  2. CM wrote on :

    Hi Francis,
    there are no further articles or posts about antique Pflueger reels, but if you like to add some photos. Don’t hesitate to send me an email with pictures. They would be a good addition to this post.

    » cm AT surfacediary DOT net

    About your questions:
    I’m not selling any lures or tackle, this blog is only documenting my research and passion for Japanese Surface Game.
    As I’m not a big fan of eb*y’s policies and their business model, I prefer not to support them with references in my blog. Call it a quirk. :)

    Take care..

  3. matt wrote on :

    just wondering if any one knows how old a Pflueger 33 fishing reel is i.e what year it was made and how much it would be worth? I have pictures.

  4. Pete wrote on :

    i have two fishing reels one is no.1893 . the other one is 1933 .i like to know how old they are an how much they are worth be for i use them thank you

  5. CM wrote on :

    Hi Pete,
    I’m not a collector, therefore I’m not able to answer your questions. I would suggest searching for collector’s websites and forums.

    Good luck, Christian

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