Just a brief summary of recent events and a brief glimpse on some projects coming up within the weeks ahead. First of all I’m quite happy about a small package that arrived from Osaka just three days ago. Thanks to the kind support of Masami Motoki, I got hands on one of the first Gaucho+‘ shipping from the Tsunami Lures headquarters. In comparison to it’s predecessor, the Gaucho+ got some special treatment to it’s forehead and got equipped with the popping head of the sonic series. Interesting add-on that should be a great addition to the compelling movement of this topwater plug.

gaucho+ and super swanky
Tsunami Lures - Gaucho+ Tsunami Lures - Gaucho+ Tsunami Lures - Super Swanky Tsunami Lures - Super Swanky

Alongside with this great lure I got two spools of Tsunami Lures’ own Super Swanky Topwater PE. More about that in one of the forthcoming posts focussing on nylon and braided lines.

Already last week I won a vintage Umco tackle box on e*ay, but once again german customs are playing their dirty games and I will have to pick up this “restoration” project at the Berlin office next week. I got this mid 70’s tackle box in good condition from a seller in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I’m planning to get this box a general overhaul and it’s three trays a special cork treatment. More details about that project to come soon.

Vintage Umco 175b
Vintage Umco 175B tackle box

Besides these recent arrivals from overseas I’m enjoying the first days without freezing temperatures since more than two months. Feels quite good, even if mud and dirt will cover the streets for weeks. Can’t await to see the ice on my beloved lakes melting…

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