For the second time this year I’m sick and it’s beginning to be a real pain in the ***. Since one week I’m down with a strange mixture of a bad sore throat and Sinusitis that let’s my head feel like a ticking bomb. Fingers crossed, that all these pain killers and Antibiotics will help to get me back to life soon again.

Earlier this week the Umco tackle box I won on e*ay arrived in Berlin and during better days of the week, I started overhauling this classic box from the early 70’s. The classic 3 tier aluminum box is in surprisingly good shape and even mechanically it’s in perfect condition. There are a few small dents and scratches on the outside, but that really makes the charm of a vintage accessory like this, doesn’t it?

vintage umco 175 A tackle box

As some of my topwater plugs doesn’t fit into the original plastics trays, I decided to replace two of them and to coat rims and bottom with cork to get more flexibility for storing lures and other terminal tackles. The look & feel of these cork inlays works quite well with the raw aluminum surfaces and I decided to also coat the bottom of the box.

vintage Umco tackle box overhaul

All in all it took me two hours to finish the work on the inside of the box and I’m quite happy with the result. Now I’m still thinking about a way to get rid of a few color splashes, but this part has to wait until I’m 100% fit again.

Some first pictures of the pimped Umco 175 A box:

Vintage Umco 175 A tackle box

Vintage Umco 175 A tackle box Vintage Umco 175 A tackle box Vintage Umco 175 A tackle box Vintage Umco 175 A tackle box

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