I’m sure most of you know exactly about the thrill of anticipation before a trip that is planned long beforehand, so I’ll spare you with symptoms and details. To take my mind off things, I continue with early preparations and browsing through my favorite topwater blogs and websites.

One blog I’m following on an almost daily basis is the Tsunami Times, which comes along with daily entries accompanied with random music findings and recommendations. Already back in February I stumbled upon a post about a new weedless frog lure called Kaeru (カエル), that instantly caught my interest. The two frog patterns are great and the “weedless system” looks quite interesting too.

tsunami lures - kaeru weedless
Tsunami Lures’ Kaeru (カエル) WL (image source: Tsunami-lures.com)

I should have known better, but I couldn’t resist and had to order one of them in the compelling two-tone “tropical frog” pattern. Already looking forward to receive this latest addition to my tackle box from Osaka. Just another way of dealing with the endless wait for the coming trip, huh?

Beyond that, I’m still thinking about the how to make my forthcoming kayak adventures more comfortable and save. In recent weeks, I came across Pelicans’ Micro Cases at several japanese topwater shops. Small, crushproof and water resistant boxes (with automatic pressure purge valve) that should come in handy for safely storing camera, cellphone and papers while kayaking.

pelican micro case 1060
Detail shots of the Micro Case 1060

Luckily these boxes are also available in Germany, so I don’t have get one at high import price from overseas. If you are interested in details and specifications, I recommend having a look at the manufacturers website.

Besides that, not much is happening with global warming at the moment. Since a few days we have freezing temperatures again and I’m still suffering from this weird Sinusitis. Hope to fully recover soon..

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