Already last saturday around midnight I arrived in Berlin after almost 18 days in Spain. As already mentioned in my last blog post, the volcano in Island was the reason for an involuntary one-week-extension of the trip, but to be honest I was not all too sad about it.

andalusian countryside
Typical scenery of the Andalusian countryside

To sum up, I can say that this 5th trip to Córdoba was truly the most relaxing and entertaining one since my first arrival in May 2008. I had a really good time with good friends and their families and I’m still overwhelmed by their kind support and hospitality. I really like the mentality and fine breed of men of Andalusia and like to thank everyone who supported me during my trip – especially Enrique and his family who gave me another very warm welcome.

I’m sure some of you might already had a look at my Flickr photostream, where I uploaded the almost 160 photos taken during the trip. If not take some time and browse through to get a better insight and idea of the beautiful region and scenery around Córdoba.

blog post at tsunami times
Blog post at Tsunami Times

I also would like to thank Masami at Tsunami Lures HQ in Osaka and Shimazaki from HandSome for their kind write-ups and blog posts. Much appreciated!

I hope that the countless visitors from Japan that came across this tiny blog in recent days are enjoying browsing through – even if I’m aware of the language barriers.

And that’s about that. Take care!

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