It’s been ages since the last blog post and I would like to break the silence with a few words about current events and first plans for 2011. It’s kind of funny, that every year with the beginning of winter I can’t stop thinking about the heart-warming sun in southern Spain and of course the thrilling topwater adventures I had there in the past.

I’m currently thinking of going back to Andalusia at the end of March for a 10-day topwater trip. There are still a handful of reservoirs in the area of Córdoba I didn’t visited during my last trips – with Embalse de Iznajar still topping the todo-list. I already explored the banks of this reservoir in April this year and the conditions and low fishing pressure make it a perfect candidate for an extensive kayak trip.

Embalse de Iznajar, April 2010

Embalse de Iznajar has some potential when it comes to big bass and if the water level rises as high as during early 2010 the shallow banks and rocky structures will be a great place for chasing some 50up beauties.

Tackle-wise there are no news as of today. I’m still searching for some of 2Tone‘s lures on yahoo auctions and got back in touch with Tsunami Lures to get hands on some of their latest topwater plugs and perhaps one o these stylish vintage hoodies.

Right, I’ve got to venture out into this ridiculous cold.
Have yourselves a good Monday, more soon.

20101220 Berlin Winter
On the way to the office this morning..

* Act II, Scene 7 from As You Like It by William Shakespeare (1600)

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