With Christmas only two days away, there may be a temptation to coast through to the finish line, but I’m still hardly working on some ongoing projects while preparing our first family Christmas here in Berlin. Which means late-night shopping marathons, cleaning the house, decorating the Christmas tree with Japanese Topwater plugs and of course – giving myself a present as compensation.

To be more precise, it’s a sweet little package containing three topwater lures – one as eye-catching and compelling as the other. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m looking for some of 2tone‘s lures since a long while. Last weekend I finally found some of them at a small Japanese online shop and with the kind help of a friend, I was able to order three of them.

handcrafted topwater lures by 2Tone
From left to right: SingleScore, Hi-average and ON/OFF by 2tone *

I was looking for the color pattern of the first one since it’s initial release in 2009. It’s featuring natural wood grain covered by a unique checked pattern (see top-left image in the comp. above). With a bit less than 3/4oz, 98mm length and it’s slim shape, the SingleScore ( シングルスコア ) should be a lively lure with high appeal and even more fun to fish.
SingleScore’s counterpart of similar size and weight (yet different in it’s shape) is the Hi-average ( ハイアベレージ ) that was already released two years ago. Coloring of this one is quite unique too – featuring a black belly and white fluorescent back, which should make it quite interesting for dawn and nightfall.

Last and least is the ON/OFF – a 5/8oz plug of 95mm length. Luckily I got hands on the stunning blue color with organic black shapes floating around front and sides. Special extra or “add-on” are two additional eyes on the back-side and a double mouse-tail attached to the second hook. I’m quite curious to see this lure’s action as the description quotes it’s movement by performing a few centimeters below the surface. Interesting!

I’m quite happy about these recent additions to the lure box and hope JapanPost will take care that these three fellows arrive save before or around New Year.

Can’t wait!

* Images courtesy of 2tone.

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