Hope you all had a good start into the new week. I would like to kick of this sunny Monday morning with a quick post about latest arrivals and some interesting new contacts I made over the weekend.

First of all I’m quite happy that I finally received the 2tone lures I already mentioned in one of my previous blog posts. I already got two 2tone topwater plugs over a year ago thanks to a friend in Tokyo, but again I’m amazed by craftsmanship and finishing of SingleScore, Hi-average and On/Off. I was kind of lucky to get hands on the color patterns you can see below and I’m sure that the slim sizes and streamlined lure shapes will pull off some thrilling strikes.

2tone handmade lures
2tone : SingleScore, Hi-Average and On/Off (foreground)

Speaking of thrilling topwater strikes, I’m happy to finally have booked my next trip to southern Spain for end of March / early April. Like in 2010, I ‘ll try to rent a Kayak for the trip to explore some new waters and reservoirs. As always, I’m quite happy to go back visiting my spanish friends and to enjoy the peaceful quiet and calm of Andalusia’s countryside and reservoirs.

Over the weekend I was able to have another conversation with Taizo Shimazaki of Handsome Lures and he kindly offered to send one Scooper (see image below) to Berlin. I’m sure you already had a look at the images I posted last week – showing parts of the creation process of this uniquely colored handmade lure.

Handsome Lures : Scooper
Handsome Lures : Scooper (color: NBS (Natural Black Scale)) * image courtesy of @HandSome_lures

Again I’m overwhelmed by the positive response the blog is receiving over there in Japan and I hope to finally go there in 2011 *crossing fingers*.

2 thoughts on “New Arrivals, January 2011

  1. dino wrote on :

    beautiful crafted lures!

    do you want to go this year? sad you cannot make it in march/april

  2. CM wrote on :

    Glad you like the 2tone stuff.

    To be honest I’m not into the big fishing shows. I’m more interested in small topwater related ones like last years Works 2010 in Osaka.

    If I should go in 2011, it will be mostly about visiting friends and hooking up with contacts I made since the begin of 2009.

    Most likely I will end up spending most of the time on a boat or kayak… ;)

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