Today I received a package from TackleTackle, a topwater & vintage tackle shop on the outskirts of Tokyo. So far it’s the only shop I got in touch with that offers shipping to overseas and I’m quite happy to have found someone who is speaking some bits of english. I already ordered lures and some tackle accessories last year and just a few days ago I was lucky enough to get hands on two quite unique topwater plugs.

The first one comes from one of my favorites – HandSome Lures. The “Smiler” is a lure I came across a few times in recent weeks and when I found it available in stock, I couldn’t resist. With just 80mm length and it’s remarkable shape this lure is truly something special and I can’t wait for a first filed testing session.

Handsome Lures - Smiler
Handsome Lures – Smiler

Second and therefore latest addition to the tackle box is a Dumb Torpedo in a compelling yellow, cicada-like color pattern. 4s seems to be one of the more unknown lure builders, but for sure one to watch out for in the future.

4s - Dumb Torpedo
4s – Dumb Torpedo

Update * Just read on the so surface something society blog that I wrongly called the color a cicada-like pattern. SC seems to stand for “Soft Craw”, so it’s obviously a yellowish topwater crawfish. Sorry for mixing it up.. :)

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  1. dino wrote on :

    They got now a second shop in the middle of Tôkyô district Shibuya-Ku right in the middle of vibrant Harajuku / Omotesandô next to famous Kiddyland Shop. I will pay them a visit in march and say hello from you. To find her shop last year in the outskirts of Tôkyô near Saitama was truly an adventure :)

    You find some shop pictures on their blog:

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