It’s been a while since the last update, but a mix of heavy work load, family duties and a sinus infection I picked up last week did it’s best to prevent me from posting. While I’m slowly getting back on track, the excitement about the upcoming trip to the sunny climates of Andalusia is rising and I cant wait to finally head down to southern Europe again.

Earlier today a package from Brightliver Tackle arrived, containing their just released HipTwist and the long awaited bearing-powered cog-wheels for my 70’s Ambassadeur reels. Mr. Matsumoto generously added the February issue of “bass & i” magazine to the sending. This time featuring Dowluck with a detailed showcase and profile. Once again my non-existent Japanese skills make it difficult to gain deeper insights, but it’s a good way of keeping track (at least visually) with the scene in Japan.

The HipTwist is the first jointed topwater lure in my tackle box so far and I’m still fascinated by it’s concept and unique shape.

Kazuyoshi Matsumoto of Brightliver Tackle Co. once again did a great job on the design side and the joint between head and body is a really smart way of connecting both parts. I already got some quite positive feedback about the potential and efficiency of the HipTwist and I’m looking forward to a first field-testing session in about two weeks from today.

In the afternoon I added a Ticker CogWheel to one of my Ambassadeur 5001C models and I’m happy about how smoothness and feel improved after maintenance and reassembly. Husky Musky’s custom cog-wheel reduces the weight of the original part by ~30% and has a high quality bearing – Made in Japan.

I’m still amazed by the simplicity and perfect craftsmanship of these early Ambassadeur reels. I never felt that comfortable while taking a reel apart and doing extensive reel maintenance. Positioning and order of single parts are quite intuitive – making the available reel shemantics almost redundant. I’m curious to see how the upgraded 5001C will perform during the trip and will post a detailed report from my base camp in Spain or when back in Berlin.

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