It’s still hard to find the right words, even more than a week after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Within the first days I found myself following the events alternating between joy and grief. I was glad and thankful to hear that my friends in Tokyo and enclosing areas where safe and in good mood, even if the pictures broadcasted from northern prefectures where heart-breaking and deeply worrying.

Since details about the situation in Fukushima and first pictures about damage and devastation in this area became public, I’m shocked by the incompetence of operators and government who are without doubt facing the most difficult and severe situation one can think of. Most of the information and news I got in recent days, are coming from NHK World TV and some rare (halfway) objective online news sources (who are at least take the time to validate their sources and not spreading unnecessary fear and paranoia). It’s hard to be positive about the uncertain and steadily worsening situation, but we can truly learn a lesson from courage, unity and great sense of common purpose shown by the Japanese in the aftermath of this tragedy. I’m in close contact with a friend in Tokyo and getting positive email replies from many people I got in touch with in recent years, which gives hope and confidence.

There is more we can do.

Right now all we can do is offering help, send encouraging messages and support the relief agencies and funds with donations. If you are still looking for ways to support the earthquake and tsunami relief, I can recommend Aktion Deutschland Hilft and the Red Cross pages on the iTunes Store, where Apple is accepting donations to the American Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund.

Your help and support is just a few clicks away.

Further Links to donation pages and relief funds

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