In about two days I will be on my way to Spain and if everything goes well, I will hit the water in a Wilderness Tarpoon 100 (angler edition) the following day. This expedition was already planned long beforehand and from the experiences of last years trip and by recommendations from friends, I put together a brief list of some useful accessories every kayak angler should have “on board”.

Let’s start with the essentials.
When temperatures are still below 20°C you should always consider to put on insulating neoprene clothes. It’s easy to underestimate the threat of low temperatures and sitting that close to the water surface, but already a thin film of elastic neoprene saves body heat and prevents cooling off. There are dozens of manufacturers offering neoprene clothes for water sports and it should be easy to find a product that fits your needs and that offers the perfect balance of insulation and flexibility.

4-way stretchable material featuring a finely woven Micro Fleece skin

Based on recommendations, I went for german manufacturer artistic and it’s Aqua Skin line. The 4 way stretchable material with a finely woven Micro Fleece skin guarantees highest wearing comfort and freedom of movement. In combination with artistic’s own Canyon Boots – sharing similar features – even longer day trips with median temperatures and rain should still be comfortable.

Artistic – Canyon Boots for paddlers

Already for last year’s trip I purchased a few boxes and bags for storing clothes and stuff like documents, cell phone and camera. I was well pleased with Ortlieb’s dry bags and decided to add two more Micro Cases by Peli to the equipment. These Boxes are just perfect for safely storing all sorts of electronic devices and gadgets while providing robust and flight-save boxing for lures and tackle parts.

Peli Micro Cases – water resistant, crush & dust proof

Safety lines for paddle and other (unfixed) accessories are just another example for stuff that comes in handy when hitting the water in a kayak. They are available in various sizes and variants, and could save you some nerves when fiddling around with tools and tackle on a wavering watercraft.

Ortlieb dry bag and safety line with paddle leash

There are plenty of nifty accessories around that are not mentioned in this post, but the equipment listed above should serve as a sound basis for first-timers and people who are using a kayak for fishing purposes only every now and then.

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