I still didn’t found the time to compile a short summary of recent days, but like to share some shots and impressions of a perfect day on the water. After spending the last few days with friends in Cordoba and Villa del Rio (with only sporadic fishing trips), I decided to conclude the current trip with a day at Laz Jaraz. A decision I will never regret… :)

I arrived around 1pm and after a few minutes of preparations I hit the water with a good feeling and quite optimistic to not miss out on too many strikes today (my last visit was a bit so-so in terms of setting the hook at the very right moment). No sooner said than done! Just after a few casts I had the first strike and was able to land this sheer beauty.

Lure: Genuine Record’s Hush * Color: Nyoro

Lure of choice for starting the day was Record’s Hush Color: Nyoro and within the next 10 to 15 minutes I had a handful of strikes and caught two more bass with the same lure. My fingers where quite shaky during that time, as there was almost no cast without contact or reaction close to the surface – great experience. The two better catches I attached to this this blog post.

Lure: Genuine Record’s Hush * Color: Nyoro

Compared to the previous trip I slowed down the tempo to a bare minimum and tried to be as patient as possible what really paid off. I tested a few more lures and ended up with the already mentioned Hush by Genuine Record, the STF from the same lure builder amd also had two or three bass on Brightliver‘s Hiptwist. I spent some time to try various techniques / strategies and all three of lures where really fun to fish.

Lure: Brightliver’s Hiptwist * Color: P-WHSP

Conditions at Laz Jaraz where juts perfect, almost no wind and beautiful sunshine after yesterday’s heavy rain (one of the few rainy days you can experience in Córdoba in this season). It was great to just lean back and enjoy life and of course the last day of the trip.

Perfect conditions at Embalse des Laz Jaraz

Until 7:30pm I had a few more fish of small and medium sizes, but just in the closing stages a strong fighting and once again really nice colored bass hit the STF close to some rocks just underneath the water surface.

Lure: Genuine Record’s STF + Color: Nyoro

Structure and cover in Laz Jaraz are offering perfect hiding spots for bass, but you can also see monstrous carps in the almost crystal clear water. Just after releasing this dark green beauty I quit fishing and returned to my ‘base camp’ at one of the few shallow banks. Quit while you’re ahead!

Round-up post with more pictures from the trip to follow…

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