Last weekend I finally found the time to visit one of my favorite lakes in the north of Berlin again. Between unpacking boxes (we just moved to our new apartment) and spending time with the family, I had a short two-hour fishing trip.

Fishing Trip : May 08, 2001
Perfect conditions.. sunshine and a slight breeze

I arrived close to midday. Weather was just perfect, sunshine, a slight breeze and crystal clear water – the perfect getaway from recent busy weeks at the office. After picking up a small boat, I directly went to my favorite spots close to sunken trees and stumps providing perfect cover for perch and pike.

I started casting my topwater plugs in between overhanging trees and stumps, but quickly had to realize that perch where still standing deep – not even thinking about striking quirky-looking topwater plugs close to the surface. Still a bit early for exciting topwater sessions..

Fishing Trip : May 08, 2001
Beautifully colored perch.

After switching to more “conventional” tactics, I caught a handful of mid-sized perch and a small yet strong fighting pike of around 60cm. Perch in this lake are are always fun to catch as they are hard to predict, strong fighting and beautifully colored.

Happy and with a slight smile on my face I went back to Berlin, spending the rest of the day with the family. Good day!

Hope to go back soon again..

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