I can’t remember an EMS sending from Japan taking that long to arrive in Berlin. First it took ages to clear customs in Frankfurt and then Berlin’s custom officials did it’s best to delay final delivery for just another week. *grrr…*

After this odyssey through German bureaucracy, today I finally received my sending from Shinichi Hirayama of Genuine Record. Since I got my first Topwater plug by Record from a friend back in March last year, I’m browsing shops and auctions again and again to find more of their unique lure creations. But it’s almost impossible to get hands on them because of limited production numbers and high demand.

Genuine Record Topwater Lures
Genuine Record : Maracas, Prangchar & Gofer

The package contained the just released Maracas and two lures (Prangchar & Gofer) that are on my wish-list since more than a year. All three of them featuring highly creative color patterns paying homage to classic horror movies and Jason Pollock‘s abstract expressionist paintings.

Genuine Record : Prangchar
Genuine Record : Prangchar * Size: 75mm, Weight: 1oz class, Color: Horror * 2010

You can find these details and quotes in some of Genuine Record’s color patterns like “Bone”, “Monster” and my favorite – the “Horror” pattern (se above) with it’s black tinted holes and scratched up white / beige body colors.

Genuine Record : Maracas
Genuine Record : Maracas * Size: 115mm, Weight: 3/4 oz, Color: Monster * 2011

After I had so much fun with the STF and Hush during the last Spain trip, I can’t wait to try these new arrivals! I would also like to take the chance to thank Shinichi Hirayama for all his efforts and overwhelming support. ありがとうございます。

Like to see more perfectly crafted handmade lures and custom tackle?
» Visit the Genuine Record website

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