Yesterday I had another short trip to my home lake – having a first hands-on session with the topwater plugs that arrived in mid-week. Besides Record’s Prangchar, Gofer and Maracas, I only took a handful of lures out for the trip with Robelson‘s Grace Core paired with Isuzu‘s BC731SSS the tackle of choice.

Fishing Trip : May 14, 2001
Just perfect for spontaneous trips : Vagabond’s Aluminum Box B-XX 505

I started early and was lucky enough to find a small swarm of perch feeding close to the surface in open water. After a some first casts I had some first tentative strikes on the new Maracas. Fishing this fine pencil bait is pure fun, as the additional weights enabling amazingly versatile presentation options. Thanks to it’s incredibly slim body shape, the Maracas is just perfect for quick dog-walking and highly appealing turns and twist.

After initial misses I was able to catch a small perch just before the raid found a sudden end and the swarm moved down to deeper waters.

Fishing Trip : May 14, 2001
His eyes were obviously bigger than his belly mouth.

Encouraged by this first successful strike, I went on to explore the usual hiding spots and some shallow banks. I switched to Gofer and Prangchar for a few minutes, but had to realize that the Grace Core isn’t a good match to this bulky plugs. Movement and action of both lures looked promising, but I quickly switched back to the Maracas.

Fishing Trip : May 14, 2001
Turquoise green water in front of overhanging trees

A few more misses later and after sighting a huge pike close to a sunken tree, I had to leave beloved spots and the peacefully quiet atmosphere at the lake. In just a few hours Genuine Record’s Maracas made it to the top of my favorites-list and I’m already looking forward to fish this sweet topwater plug during the next trip.

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