Again it’s been a while since the last update, so here’s a quick round-up post with photos and related links to lures and apparel which arrived in recent weeks. While May and the begin of June where horribly busy months, I’m currently enjoying a two-month parental leave from my work at the office. It’s great to spend more time with the family and I’m happy to have taken this opportunity.

While fishing trips where rare in recent weeks, I spent some time browsing used lure sections and yahoo auctions for unique lures of builders like Abdeal, Chest 114, Local, Wild Dancer a.o. This can be a relaxing, yet time-consuming activity as topwater plugs from these lure builders are a really tough finds and missing Japanese skills doesn’t help either.

Already a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get hands on two great lures that where topping my want-list for some time. Thanks to the help of a friend in Japan and some last gasp biddings on Yahoo auctions I won Chest114‘s Strider and the LipCap Ragumo (Chop) by Teat at reasonable prices.

Chest114 : Strider
Chest114 : Strider * Color: YRS * 100mm 3/4oz

Lures of both makers are really tough finds at the popular Topwater shops and are often selling at insane prices on yahoo auctions when sold out. Both plugs are great samples of unique and perfectly crafted handmade lures and I’m looking forward to cast them into cover during one of my next trips.

Teat : LipCap Ragumo Chop
Teat : LipCap Ragumo Chop * Color: WHR * 80mm 1oz

Just today I received a sending from a friend in Switzerland containing two t-shirts, a sample of Brightliver‘s 2nd line Stage 3 and some other sweet add-ons (thanks Dino!). One of the shirts is a collaboration of Osaka based Tsunami Lures and (indie apparel and accessory maker) Natural Distortion in support for the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March this year.

Act Against Tsunami + isuzu Shirts
Act Against Tsunami & Isuzu shirts

I’m glad to have made a contribution to Act Against Tsunami (revenue is donated to relief funds) and hope the project is going well.

As I was involved in the design process of the second shirt, I’m really happy to finally got one and now own a ‘wearable’ exploration drawing of my beloved Isuzu BC731SSS reel!

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