In less than five days I will travel to Japan for the first time in my life. I’m excited to finally visit this amazing country and to meet my friend Tsuyoshi in Tokyo, who kindly invited me to visit him and his family.
A quite remarkable friendship between two persons hailing from opposite ends of the world, a guy from Tokyo, Japan and I from Berlin in Germany. We both are really Looking forward to finally come to know better, enjoy delicious food (& drinks) and of course to hit the water for some relaxed topwater angling…

Moleskine City Notebook Tokyo
Now I can finally activate the Moleskine City Notebook I got as a christmas present a few years ago…

I wil stay in Japan for 10 days and already put together a rough todo-list for the trip. Besides visiting a handful of shops in Tokyo (TackleTackle, Haneda Craft, Frog, Headhunters, a.o.), I will try make contact with some of the lure builders and tackle makers I got to know in recent years.

Just a few days ago and after some silence in recent months, I got back in touch with Masami Motoki of Tsunami Lures and Kazuyoshi Matsumoto of Brightliver. They kindly agreed to meet during a planned 3-day trip to Osaka and I’m happy to meet them in person and hope that we will get the chance to visit Biwako or explore the Yodo river during my stay.

Besides all the excitement of meeting friends and prospect of relaxed topwater trips, I’m curious to finally learn more about Japanese culture and mentality. These ten days will be over faster than I want them to!

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