There was some unexpected silence during the last week as I was struggling with a weird virus infection I caught on the last day of my trip to Japan. Fortunately I’m already feeling slightly better and can finally continue the review of my exciting journey…

On the 2nd day of the Osaka trip I followed the kind invitation of Genuine Record‘s Shinichi Hirayama. Takeshi Fukuma of 2Tone Handmade Lure Works joined us and did a perfect job as a translator. Around midday we went to Takayama dam – a beautiful reservoir about 70km from Osaka. Already on the way to Takayama we had a lively q&a round – mainly focussing on Topwater angling aswell as favorite lure types and handmade lure builders. Both of my hosts where very obliging and patient. Really enjoyed the good company – the chemistry was just right.

1st impressions from the beautiful scenery at Takayama Dam

After arriving at the reservoir we got our license and started fishing the shallow banks right away. I was finally be able to get some first-hand feedback about lure action and even got some flattering comments about my German casting style and lure presentation. “Alsmost like a Japanese..”

Takeshi Fukuma (front) of 2tone Lures and Shinichi Hirayama of Genuine Record

We continued talking about lure design, fixed some lures and even found the time to create new lure concepts – i.e. The RollingSwisher.. :)

A few hours later Nagata-san – owner of Rotton – and Max who worked for Record in the past, joined us and after a brief introduction round and some jokes at the expense of the German guest, we continued fishing. We had numerous bites in the following hours and one small bass was caught by Fukuma-san.

Max and Nagata-san of Rotton joined the surface trip

Takayama Dam is a beautifully quiet reservoir embedded in a great scenery of green hills and mountains. The water level in summer is quite low, but reveals some interesting structures and sunken trees. Just the perfect place for a relaxed day topwater fishing with new friends. Good times!

Takayama Dam, a beautiful reservoir in Kyōto prefecture

Great place for a relaxed day on the water..

Around nightfall we stopped fishing and went back to Osaka. Not without making a lengthy stop at a cosy chinese restaurant with exceptional food and – of corse – ice-cold “nama”. Tasty specialities and more pleasant talks just rounded up this perfect day.

Delicious food, cold drinks and good talks about topwater style bass fishing

Nothing left to say than:
Thanks for your great support. Really hope to meet you guys again!

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