On August 7 – at the closing stages of my trip to Japan – I went to Tokyo to finally meet the nice people at TACKLEtackle. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Haruyoshi Hoshino back in March 2010 and since then there was always a lively exchange between Tokyo and Berlin. TACKLEtackle is one of a few Japanese shops selling Topwater lures and tackle to overseas customers and I took advantage of their services a few times in recent months.

Vintage reel section w/ classic Pflueger, Shakespeare and Ambassadeur reels

TACKLEtackle is offering a wide range of Topwater gear while having a strong focus on vintage tackle and accessories. Their vintage section is featuring a handful of real diamonds such as rare Pflueger, Shakespeare and Ambassadeur reels as well as some hard to find vintage lures and classic tackle boxes. Heaven on earth for Topwater lovers and vintage tackle enthusiasts.

Well-assorted Topwater lure section

I arrived early afternoon and got a really warm welcome by Hoshino-san’s wife and two members of the staff. Communication was no problem at all and we had a nice chit-chat about Surface Game and other more general topics. I spent a lot of time marveling at their special color lure section featuring rare and hard to find handmade plugs by lure builders such as Paranoia, Local Lure and many others.

TACKLEtackle special colors (Lures: Paranoia)

The shop is nicely done up and their backlit reel and lure cabinets where a feast for the eyes. I was lucky to get 2tones No.13 in a rare Xmas special color and finally got hands on the “Surface Trip” DVD featuring Genuine Record’s Shinichi Hirayama and Nagata-san of Rotton’s fame.

Record’s “Surface Trip” DVD & 2tone’s No.13 Special Color

The people at TACKLEtackle are taking really good care of their guest and I really enjoyed the hours I spent at their shop in Shibuya.

Good vibes… :)

Thanks again for a pleasant afternoon at the shop and some special presents. Your kind support is much appreciated!

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