On the last day of the trip, my friend Tsuyoshi and his partner Yuji took me out to Ashino-ko – a lake located in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture. We got up around 2:30 am in the morning and getting awake and ready for the trip was quite a challenge. I used the one+ hour ride from Urayasu, Chiba to Hakone to watch the “Surface Trip” DVD I bought the day before. Just perfect to get in the right mood for an early-morning Topwater trip.

Sleepy but happy…

We arrived in time at first light, rented a boat and immediately went out to the lake which was beautifully covered with dense fog. The water of Ashino-ko is incredibly clear while the shallow banks where covered with rocks and overhanging bushes and trees.

Genuine Record’s Julieta (Récord de Ligero)

I tested a few of my new lures and Genuine Record’s “Julieta” quickly became a new favorite. This small popper is not only beautiful to watch, but also produces a compelling and ultra-deep pop sound. Somehow Ashino-ko’s black bass where of different opinion and don’t even thought about striking my new wonder-lure.

Crystal clear water and shallow banks

The amazing scenery and surrounding landscape at the lake where just the right compensation for our no-bite Topwater session. It was first trip without a single bite since arriving in Japan, but we really enjoyed the peaceful and quiet atmosphere at this great lake.

Slowly but gently the fog is lifting…

After just a few hours the sun came out and we finally got a clear sight of Ashino-ko. Unfortunately Mount Fui was still covered with fog and the few photographs I took during the day cannot convey the experience of silence and the incredibly beautiful landscape.

Crystal clear water and shallow banks

Great view…

This beautiful August morning and the time until midday where really a highlight of the trip to Japan. I know, I can count myself lucky to have friends who share the same passion for nature and topwater bass angling.

2 thoughts on “Lake Ashi (芦ノ湖 Ashino-ko)

  1. Ben wrote on :

    I am really enjoying your blog! As a die hard tackle otaku myself its interesting to see what you are using and catching. My interests are similar but in a different setting, Keep it up!

  2. CM wrote on :

    Hi Ben,

    Sorry for the late reply. Completely missed you comment.

    I’m glad you like my little diary. I just browsed through the last posts of your blog. Amazing fish you guys catch down there. Topwater fishing from the beach must be terrific!

    Take care.

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