It’s pretty obvious that I have neglected my blogging duties in recent months, but it was for a reason. After some weeks off during summer and my trip to Japan I had to put my head down and work.

Two days ago I received a package from Masahiro Hotta of Abdeal. We got in touch some months ago and had some conversations via email about lure colors and other stuff. Unfortunately we didn’t meet during my stay in Japan. My schedule was just too packed to stop by in Nagoya, but I hope the make up for that next year.

Abdeal - Mind Game
Abdeal’s Mind Game * Weight: 3/4oz, Color: Frog Scale White Head (FSWT)

Masahiro sent one of his lures all the long way to shivering Berlin. The “Mind Game” is a marvelous looking pencil bait and features a very special color limited to 50 pieces – dedicated to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake that hit Japan on March 11 this year. It’s great to have this beautiful lure in my box and at the same time to be reminded of the courage and unity shown by the Japanese in the aftermath of this tragedy.

This fine 3/4oz pencil features some interesting details, such as the deep-positioned front-lug and the additional ring attached to it. Usually I’m not using a snap when fishing pencil lures, so I’m curious to see how this ring will affect movement and action.

Enough talk, time for more pictures. I did some shots earlier today and added my two other Abdeal lures to the mix. It’s great to see the consistency and uniqueness in style and aesthetic direction.

Abdeal - Mind Game
Abdeal’s Mind Game * Front-lug Close-up

Abdeal Lures
From left to right: Abdeal’s Big Bird, Abstract and Mind Game

Thanks again to Masahiro Hotta for his kind support.
Much appreciated.

Like to learn more? Don’t miss to visit the Abdeal website and blog.

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