After a real odyssey and some nerve-racking weeks the sending from Urayasu, Chiba arrived safely at our place. Sent out by a friend on December 13, the shipping to Germany took almost a month and I was really worried about the chance that the package got lost in the mail.

The sending contained lures that I carried together since September. With the help of my good friend Tsuyoshi, I was able to place an Order at the famous Rotton shop – based in Sennan, Osaka Prefecture. He also supported me getting a few rare and sought-after colors of my favorite lure builders – Record, 2tone and Abdeal – on Yahoo Auctions.

Abdeal - Splat
Abdeal – Splat * Size: 80mm, Weight: 16g, Color: OP

I was looking for these highly unique metallic colors long before last year’s visit to Japan and Abdeal‘s “GS” color and Record’s “Mistico” where topping my list of favorites. Since a while I’m looking for small / medium-sized and lightweight plugs with unique characteristics and designs and these latest arrivals are just perfect examples of this direction.

Récord de Ligero - Quebrada
Récord de Ligero – Quebrada * Size: 80mm, Weight: 5/8oz, Color: Mistico

Especially the Récord de Ligero series became one of my absolute favorites. It’s really hard to get hands on these quirky topwater plugs and I was really lucky to add the “Quebrada” and “Mandarina” to my tackle box.

Récord de Ligero - Mandarina
Récord de Ligero – Mandarina * Size: 85mm, Weight: 5/8oz under, Color: Allergia

As mentioned before, another hot favorite is Abdeal – hailing from Nagoya. The “Abstract” caught my eye sometimes last year. I just couldn’t resist and bought different colors, because of this lure’s unique minnow-like shape and gorgeous color patters.

Abdeal - Abstract
Abdeal – Abstract * Size: 110mm, Weight: 7/8oz , Color: GA

Last but not least I would like to mention 2tone‘s “Acro-at”. Another sweet Topwater minnow coming along in the beautiful “Natural Wood Frog” color. I saw Takeshi Fukuma fishing this lure on our trip to Takayama Dam in August. Really had to add this great lure to the arsenal.

2tone - Arco-at
2tone – Arco-at * Size: 105mm, Weight: 3/4oz under, Color: Natural Wood Frog

Thanks again to Tsuyoshi and Nagata-san of Rotton’s fame for their kind help and support! Can’t wait to finally hit the water again an to try my new “toys”.

Don’t miss to browse the gallery of this blog post to see all of them.

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