As part of my preparations for the upcoming trip to Spain I had a little lure repair session today. I got this great lure as a present from “Max” while fishing Takayama-dam with the fine people of Record, 2tone and Rotton. I felt really honored to receive such a great present and enjoyed testing the “926” in the last hour before sunset at Takayama-dam. Thanks again Max!

This highly limited lure was released for Field Recording 2010 and the name “926” originates from the date – 26th of September. If I got it right, this date marks Genuine Record’s anniversary, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

I decided to give this fine lure a little polish as the body has some wounds and tiny scratches. Hooks and props where slightly rusty and partly twisted, but I already had Record’s original parts and some spare hooks in reserve.

After carefully removing hooks and metal parts, I repaired little wounds with superglue and prepared screw holes with silicone.

After about 30 minutes glue spots where hardened and re-assembling hooks and metal fittings was easy done.

And here you can see the final outcome..

I really like the polished look and can’t wait to give this beautiful lure a try during the upcoming fishing trip to Spain!

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