As mentioned in my last post there where some incredible new lures on it’s way to Berlin. Today they finally arrived. Three of them I got from the famous Rotton shop run by Yoshimasa Nagata (Thank you so much for your support!), but to get hands on the other two was a real challenge and took a lot of time.

Let’s start with one of the probably most sought-after topwater plugs in Japan – Local’s “Sori Tonbo” (ローカル 反りトンボ). The first time I came across Local and this very special lure was back in 2009 when my friend Tsuyoshi introduced me to the vibrant macrocosm of Japanese Surface Game.

ローカル 反りトンボ 2nd * Size: 113mm, Weight: 1oz under, Color: Kenomo (ケモノ)

This lure’s most distinguishing feature – the big front-prop and the very characteristic body shape made it instantly become one of my personal favorites. Not forgetting the brilliant and highly unique style of Local’s visual output. I really like to recommend you to visit his website – it’s worth a closer look!

Close-up shot of Sori Tonbo’s most distinguishing feature – the big front-prop

It’s been a few times that I wrote to known shops and kindly asked to apply for the lotteries that where held at rare release dates, but without luck. Let me explain this lottery thingy a bit more.. Once the lure is officially released, you can apply by sending in your name, contact details and preferred lure color to the shop of your choice. The lucky winners are drawn by lot and can buy the lure. Even if I didn’t had much luck with my inquiries as yet, I kind of like this unusual procedure.

I had no other option but to try my luck at Yahoo Auctions again. I don’t (want to) know how much time I spent and how many bids where placed until I got this lure at a halfway reasonable price. I’m really happy I finally made it! Thanks again to my friend Tsuyoshi for his kind help and patience.

ワイルドダンサー ビッグディール * Size: 100mm, Weight: 3/4oz, Color: unknown

The 2nd lure – Wild Dancer‘s “Big Deal” pops up at selected Topwater shops here and then, but my favorite colors where really hard to find. Again it took me a lot of time and a handful of missed opportunities to finally get it.

ワイルドダンサー ビッグディール * Size: 100mm, Weight: 3/4oz, Color: unknown

As you can imagine, it feels really good that these two incredible lures are now part of my arsenal and I’m looking forward to give them a first try soon.

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