I know I’m lagging light-years behind my original schedule, but nonetheless I would like to continue with a short recap from an exciting afternoon at lake Biwa with Motoki-san of Tsunami Lures fame. We where joined by Takahashi of Less Is More and another friend whose name I forgot (Gomennasai).

Good times at lake Biwa

I was really excited to go back to Biwako after our thrilling nigh fishing adventures from August last year. Unfortunately luck was not on my side this time. During the 6 hours we spent on the water I had countless strikes on Tsunami Lure’s “Vickitan” (ヴィキタン) – a sweet little frog that comes along in wide range of color patterns – but lost at least 3 fish close to the boat in the closing stages of the trip. Only fish I caught was a good sized catfish, but I didn’t even made a photo of this slimey beast.

Tsunami Lure’s “Vickitan” (ヴィキタン) * Color: Tropical Frog White / Red

I have to admit that this was my first time using a soft plastic frog, but I loved it right from the start. After about 10 minutes I had first good and exciting strikes close to the banks between reed and thick weed beds. I didn’t count but within an hour we had at least a dozen strikes, but didn’t manage to set the hook. Frog game can be tricky..

Despite my slightly grim mood of missing out on the big bass this day, I was happy to bring good luck to my guide. I think Masami had one of these special days at the lake when he got a fierce strike in open water fishing one of his prototype lures. The high-appeal jointed plug brought two good fish for it’s creator, but this one was just amazing to look at.

Beauty of 65 cm and about 8 lb of sheer strength and fighting power

I had the honor to take care of the obligatory photo shooting and even had the chance to get hands on this beauty of 65 cm with about 8 lb of sheer strength and fighting power. I can now understand what makes lake Biwa such a special place. You never know what happens next and always have the chance for a big one.

Another good shot showing the prototype lure

After finishing our trip close to midnight we had dinner at a nearby chinese place and got company by Mitsumasa Akashi of Akashi Brand. Overall another exciting trip to lake Biwa – even if I missed out on the big one this time.. Thanks for taking me out fishing!

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