Time to revive the blog with two remaining recap posts from my trip to Japan. I’m feeling a bit bad about the repeated delays, but the last weeks where packed with work and family duties. 3 1/2 weeks ago I started working for a new design agency here in Berlin and even if I like the new prospects and challenging projects, I’m really missing the peaceful and relaxing time on the water.

This 4th recap post is documenting an amazing day at lake Wachi – another highlight of this year’s trip. Following the kind invitation of Noriaki Kidokoro of Elephant Baits, Shota Inoue aka. Crawler and Fujiwara-san of Brightliver‘s fame – I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of lake Wachi in good and sympathetic company.

Beautiful and green place up in the hills.

It was the first time I met Noriaki and Shota, but right from the start there was some sort of connecting link and missing language skills didn’t prevent us from having good conversations and a lot of fun on and off the water.

Noriaki Kidokoro – creative head behind ‘The Elephant Baits

We started fishing around 5 am in the morning and besides enjoying by the beautiful and quiet atmosphere on the lake, I was able to try Elephant Baits perfectly crafted and painted topwater lures. I already knew about about ‘L7’ and ‘Voxer’, but having a first hands-on session was just great. I fished these two lures almost all day and I’m really happy both of them found a place in my tackle box. Thanks again!

‘L7’ Liberty Special and ‘Voxer’ Mustang in Natural Wood Pattern

Within the first two hours of the trip Noriaki and I had a few bites on ‘Voxer’, but I somehow managed lose the only fish of the day in the shallow waters of one of the river’s sidearms. Bass where really cautious and even if we fished a lot of good spots and perfect hiding spots during the day, we where not able to catch the big ones.

Shota Inoue – passionated topwater angler and lure builder (Crawler)

Around midday we met Shota and Yuichi again decided to have a break before continuing the trip. Until early afternoon we mainly fished the lake-side area, but started exploring the river in upstream direction afterwards.

Stylish shot featuring the famous Suimen shirt collection

Fishing the river was even more challenging, but green trees and rocky structures made for a nice change. I continued my extensive and slightly exhausting side-cast practice with perfect guidance of Noriaki, but unfortunately caused a few chips and dents to my new and beloved ‘Voxer’.

Clear water and shallow banks

River fishing with Shota Inoue aka. Crawler & Fujiwara of Brightlver tackle Co.

After fishing the river for quite a while – with no more bites and strikes – we decided to pack up and take the curvy roads back to Osaka. It was the first time I got to see the the rural countryside of Japan and I really enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour trip back into town. After a short nap at the hotel we met for dinner in one of Osaka’s most famous Okonomiyaki places. The highly delicious pancakes and few cold beers were the perfect round-up for a memorable day.

Thanks again for taking me out fishing and for a relaxed, yet productive side-casting practice session. Really hope to meet you guys again and to stay in touch until my next trip to Japan!

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