Here we go for the long-awaited final recap post. I know it took way to long to get all the pictures and writings up on the blog, but luckily my memories where still fresh and present.

After arriving in Osaka City on the 11th of June, I checked in at the hotel and had a quick walk through the area around Osaka Station. Already a two hours later I got picked up by Nagata-san ( and Hiroshi and we went to a nearby station to meet more people before heading to a sweet little restaurant for dinner.

In the end we where a group of about eight people and after exchanging presents (thanks again!) and having a few first beers, we really got into talking mood and spent the rest of the night talking about favorite lures and recent fishing trips.

Good talks and drinks w/ Hiryama-san & Max

It was great to meet Hirayama-san and Nagata-san again – not to forget special friend Max :) Meeting some new faces was really exciting too, because I already got in touch with some of them on Faceb**k before the trip. Thanks again to Takulow, Hirokazu and Jah Vader for joining us. It was great to meet you and I really enjoyed our conversations!

Max, Takulow and Hiroshi

We said good bye around midnight and already three hours later I got picked up again by Hirayama-san and Takeshi Fukuma of 2tone. Like in the year before, we went to Takayama-dam – but this time for an early (almost too early) morning fishing trip.

Quiet and peaceful scenery at Takayama-dam

Fighting the wind..

Weather was not too bad (taking into account that rain season just started) and we enjoyed fishing with a gentle breeze and upcoming light rain. I was able to try some of my latest lure purchases and the presents I got the night before, but somehow struggled a bit to get into rhythm. Probably just a bit too early for me.. ;)

The first and only bass of the day got caught on Genuine Record‘s ‘Quebrada’ and after a short yet thrilling fight we had a quick but entertaining photo shooting. We had a few more strikes, but overall fishing was quite tough. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun and fishing with my favorite lure builders was again very cool and exciting.

Lure: Record de Ligero ‘Quebrada’

After a few hours on the the water we met Max and Takayuki Mori and we stopped for a quick chat and breakfast. It’s something that I’m really missing when going fishing here in Germany – meeting like-minded people with the same crazy passion for Topwater Style angling..

Spontaneous meet-up on the water…

When Nagata-san joined us around midday most of us where already dead-tired and we decided to have lunch together before heading back to Osaka. Once again, I really enjoyed the time we spent together and I’m still feeling honored and happy to have got such great support from all around.


Takayama-dam farewell pictures – taken: June 12, 2012

Hirayama-san created this great little clip a day after our trip. This perfectly crafted short movie sums up mood and atmosphere just perfectly. Enjoy!

Don’t miss to check Genuine Record’s YouTube Channel for more videos.

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