Just a quick note and some pictures featuring the two most-recent arrivals from Japan. Thanks to the support of my favorite tackle shop in Japan, I got hands on two perfectly crafted topwater plugs. Both lures are Rotton special editions and I’m really happy to add them to my box. Thanks again to Nagata-san and my friend Tsuyoshi for taking care of my order and shipping to Germany.

Just arrived in Berlin… Abdeal Splat & Teat LipCap Ragumo

Abdeal‘s ‘Splat’ is one of my top hot favorites, since I caught a few nice fish with this beautifully designed popper this year. From good sized Bass in my favorite reservoirs in Spain to strong fighting pikes in my home-waters around Berlin, this tiny little lure is always good for a surprise and exciting strikes. When I saw Masahiro Hotta’s interpretation of the classic redhead pattern, I just couldn’t resist.

Unique interpretation of the classic Redhead color pattern
Abdeal Splat – Rotton Classics

The second lure is made by Teat and features as a limited color release (“Designs”) especially made for Rotton. The natural wood pattern instantly caught my eye and even if I already own the prop-version of this quirky plug, the ‘LipCap Ragumo’ is truly a unique and highly welcome addition to my lure box.

Special Edition - Color: Anarchy (N)
Teat “Designs” LipCap Ragumo – Color: Anarchy (N)

Special Edition - Color: Anarchy (N)
Teat “Designs” LipCap Ragumo – Color: Anarchy (N)

2 thoughts on “Rotton Classics & Designs

  1. Alejandro Milesi wrote on :

    Te escribo desde argentina, es fantástico tu blog. Empecé a conocer sobre señuelos japoneses gracias a ti.
    En argentina no se consiguen este tipo de señuelos.
    Sería muy interesante poder ver en vídeo su acción en el agua.
    Un abrazo

  2. CM wrote on :

    Hi Alejandro,

    thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately my spanish skills are lousy, so I will reply in english.
    Hope you don’t mind. :)

    I’m glad you like the blog and that you enjoy reading more about Japanese Surface Game.

    If you wan’t to see videos featuring lure action and movement, I would recommend the following youtube channels:


    On Facebook I saw a few of your own lure creations.
    Looks great, keep it up!

    Alle the best from Berlin.

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