“The smallest is the best!” is a phrase that is popular amongst fishermen targeting Japanese ‘Tanago’. It’s a small fish of just a few inches while english (and german) name is “Bitterling”. Fishing for ‘Tanago’ boasts a rich tradition in Japan and surprisingly the smaller the fish landed, the greater the testament to the skill of the angler. I really like that as is follows the Japanese tradition of miniaturization in art, design and other aspects in everyday life.

ローカル タナゴ - Color: SSドット
ローカル タナゴ – Color: SSドット

Thanks to a friend of mine, I got hands on a special topwater lure listening to the same name. It’s another stunning lure creation by Chiba-based handmade lure-builder Local Lure. I’m sure I mentioned Local’s sublime and extraordinary style before, but somehow he never fails to surprise me with each of his new lure creations. It’s no wonder that his lures are highly thought after and almost impossible to get while scoring insane and almost unreal prices on japanese auction platforms.

ローカル タナゴ - Color: SSドット
Subtle and filigree pattern highlighting the back

The overall design is obviously quoting the ‘Tanago’s natural body shape while the smart tail fin and unusual hook positioning are adding to it’s unique and extraordinary style. It’s the first time I saw the ‘SSドット’ (‘SS dot’) color pattern, and I like how it stands out from the already known and popular lure colors by this lure builder.

ローカル タナゴ - Color: SSドット
Tail fin and hook positioning are adding to unique and extraordinary style

I think I never saw anything like it and I’m more than happy to receive such a great lure as a reward for my design support for an ongoing project. Thanks again!

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