Yesterday morning I picked up a small air mail sending at the customs office here in Berlin. This tiny little package almost got lost on it’s way and took a month to arrive here in Berlin. After endless phone calls with german post offices and customs in Frankfurt it finally showed up at the customs office in Berlin. Lucky me!

Refreshingly humorist RedHead pattern
Anydope – OneNac – Color: RHM

“Luck” says it perfectly well, because I only got hands on Anydope’s ‘OneNac’ thanks to winning the lottery at Rotton. I already took part in numerous lure lotteries in recent years, but it’s the first time I’m lucky enough to win.

I got in touch with Anydope‘s Taro Nakano last year and we exchanged some messages and emails since then. The ‘OneNac’ is only is only his second release so far, but the Tokushima based lure builder is already highly acclaimed among lure and topwater lovers in Japan – and Germany :) …

Refreshingly humorous RedHead pattern
Love that smile…

His designs and refreshing colors patterns are astonishingly simple and both ‘NacNac’ and his ‘single-swishing’ follow-up are showcasing his unique style and aesthetic direction.

As you might have realized I somehow got infected by some sort of redhead-mania lately, so I’m even more happy that both new lures are featuring such a special and refreshingly humorous interpretation of the classic color.

Highly unique lure designs

The second arrival is hand-crafted by Hirayama-san of Genuine Record. Readers who are following the blog on a regularly basis already know that his ‘Record de Ligero‘ series is one of my personal favorites and ‘Cerveza’ is just a brilliant follow-up. The slim and light-weight pencil is perfectly complementing the existing line-up and I can’t wait to fish this great lure in typical ‘Slow & Steady’ style.

Color : Clasico
Record de Ligero ‘Cerveza’ : Color : Clasico

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