With this last blog post for 2012, I would like to send best wishes and a big “Thank You” to my friends in Spain and Japan.
Thanks for all your support, for sharing the same passion and for the countless memorable moments we spent together on and off the water.

I know I’m more than lucky to receive such great and ongoing support from Japan’s Topwater scene. It’s a big pleasure and honor to be part of something that is so unique and inspiring at the same time.

I sometimes tend to feel a bit alienated – living in a part of the world where only a handful of people seem to understand the passion and energy you put into a “hobby” like ours. It’s tough to get across the idea that it’s more than just “fishing” – and that nature and spending time outdoors with family and friends holds more hidden treasures than most people might imagine.

happy new year

In this last photo for 2012, I placed hidden hints and clues for some of the memorable moments I had and of course for people I had the pleasure to meet this year. Thanks again.

A prosperous and happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “A Prosperous & Happy 2013

  1. evilures wrote on :

    bonne annee a toi ami pecheur de surface

  2. CM wrote on :

    Thanks a lot. Same to you! :)

  3. Ben Wilks wrote on :

    May I ask what type of wood is on the rod handle, maple? I’m currently finishing a lure that looks very similar, but it’s Australian Brown Mallee Burl Wood. All the best for 2013, I really enjoy your blog and enthusiasm for super nice gear :D

  4. CM wrote on :

    Hi Ben,
    glad you like the blog.
    it’s Slowtaper‘s “Maple Burl” grip which should answer your question.

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