After a long absence (much longer than planned), I finally found some time to test latest arrivals from overseas. The never-ending rain and freezing wind didn’t prevent me from driving to a channel north of Berlin. I went to a place that was halfway windless and it felt just great to finally palm grip and reel again.

Field Test No.1
At least the ice is gone…

Before going there, I was scouting some new spots alongside a river I’ve never been before. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the car, but the little walk was a good preparation for a planned day-trip. There was an interesting mix of natural and artificial channels with small peninsulas surrounded by broad acres and woods. The area looked quite interesting and I’m looking forward to go there again.

Field Test No.1
Slowtaper Grip & Distill GL58S, Shimano Conquest w/ Anydope “OneNac”

I really enjoyed testing the new plugs, but my favorite for the afternoon was Anydope‘s “OneNac”. This single-swisher is pure fun to use. From small and quick twitches to very slow retrieve, body shape and the well-tuned back-prop are creating an amazingly vivid movement and action. Can’t wait to catch a first fish with this perfectly crafted lure.

Field Test No.1
The amazing Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle * recommended!

Well-prepared for lousy weather conditions, I brought the new Stanley Vacuum Bottle filled with hot and delicious tee. The perfect fuel to push on or at least to get your freezing fingers back to life.

Can’t wait to go again!

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