Today I finally found some time to continue my carving practice. After first tests with balsa and basswood – I ended up with a piece of pear wood. It’s a bit harder to cut and carve, but somehow I found it a better fit for carving basic shapes and sanding more flowing lines. The Dremel multitool I’m using is far from ideal, but helps to work out basic shapes before extensive sanding marathons.

Carving Practise
Great to see how things are coming together, even if it takes a lot of time…

Results from today are already quite close to what I had in mind when designing the lure shape of “Robin”, but I’m still not 100% happy with the outcome and more important the cast amount of time I have to put into a single lure body. But I’m taking things easy as I’m not aiming to create bigger numbers.

Carving Practise
Robin’s flowing lines are working perfectly with the wood grain

During the next days I will try to get a better idea of the final hook positioning and some additional parts to add a bit of extra-spark to this tiny and still quite simple lure design.

It feels really good to craft things with ones own hands again and I’m looking forward to final results. To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Carving Practise

  1. evilures wrote on :

    Hello cm, ca takes shape!!!! The wood of pear tree has a density one can heavy can etre I would have preferé the tillieul but it is your delusion(decoy), I am with interet the resultat friendly evilures

  2. Christian wrote on :

    yes it’s great to see first results. :)
    “tilleul” should be basswood if I’m right. I know it’s the first choice of many lure builders. I tried it briefly last week but somehow liked the feel and wood grain of pear. I will probably give it another go soon.

    Take care, Christian

  3. evilures wrote on :

    Hello christian

    Effectively the basswood is one of meillieurs meme if the sipo or the Japanese ju-lo wood are excellent with a density close to 0.50 ca rest of wood completed for the size and the work, this small bird begins has to please me

    Friendly bastien ” evilures “

  4. Christian wrote on :


    thanks for your feedback and encouraging words. :)
    I checked my small wood arsenal last night and found two proper pieces of basswood. Hope to find some time over the weekend to try them. I still have two pear wood blanks that I would like to get done before. If only days would have more than 24 hours…

    À bientôt !

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