Just a minor update but worth a few lines and some pictures. Already some weeks ago I received a few packs of lure parts from a friend in Japan. He kindly took care of my order placed at a popular Japanese parts shop. I came across various products by this manufacturer at topwater shops during my trips to Japan, so ordered parts should be just perfect or what I have in mind.

Robin - Lure Parts
This looks like a perfect setup

Initially I thought about equipping little “Robin” with two double hooks, but now that I got a better feeling for the actual size and shape, I decided to drop the rear hook and add some “Bling-Bling” instead. I think it would be nice if the little bird get’s a tail that supports it’s action and adds some additional visual appeal.

Robin - Lure Parts
A high quality blade and swivel should do the job.

I came up with a few more ideas, but these have to wait until I know more about the lure’s action and movement. Still a lot of work left until I will be able to do some first field-tests. Unfortunately I had to realize that the improvised workshop in our shared basement is inappropriate for further carving and sanding sessions. Need to find a solution for that too…

2 thoughts on “Robin Update #1

  1. Paul Adams wrote on :

    already the Japanese lure makers know they have lost you, once you build your own someone else’s lures will never be as good.

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hi Paul,
    interesting view with a poetic touch. Like it.
    (un)fortunately there will always be a handful of lure builders whose creations will just be too irresistible to ignore. I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from designs and concepts by builders like Record, Handsome Lures, Abdeal, Local and others. Sometimes it really helps to fish and appreciate a lure to understand the intentions and ideas of its creator.
    As you can see, I would use any excuse… :)

    Take care.

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