Last night I started working on a second iteration of the initial design sketches for “Robin”. After increasing overall size, I tried to create a slimmer body and to give more detail to the bird-like shape I had in mind when developing the original idea.

Again I used pear wood for carving this 2nd version. As for the first one, it took a while to work out the basic form, because of it’s high wood density. But once you are done with this first step, sanding with different grain sizes works quite well.

Robin Version 2
Reworked proportions and overall dimensions

In parallel, I was working on a 2nd design (still unnamed) which draws it’s inspiration from Tadashi Nishioka’s highly acclaimed Balsa 50 (late 70’s) and more recent interpretations by lure builders like Gaulla Craft and others. For this prototype, I decided to go for bass wood which is much easier to work with than pear. The lower wood density results in immense weight-reduction – an aspect which is now slightly backfiring with smaller lure sizes.

2 x Robin & Unnamed
Two little birds and an unnamed hip shaker

After all I’m quite positive after these first carving sessions, even if feel not satisfied with quality and finishing of my creations. At least I’m learning the craft by doing it, while following an activity that I thoroughly enjoy.

Swiss Carving Knifes
Why do only my fingertips hurt so much?

2 thoughts on “Robin Update #2

  1. bassp wrote on :

    Schaut super aus! Brauchst du auch Balsaholz oder geht Birne ähnlich gut zum Bearbeiten?

  2. Christian wrote on :


    Balsa hab ich probiert. Ist mir aber doch etwas zu leicht und zu weich. Birne ist im Vergleich knochenhart. Hat aber seine Vorteile, wenn man kleinere Größen und detailliertere Formen herausarbeiten will. Linde hat sich bis jetzt als guter Kompromiss herausgestellt. Läßt sich schnell und gut bearbeiten und hat trotzdem noch eine gute Dichte.

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