After a few days with the family I found a free minute to work on new lure ideas. I’m still a few steps away from thinking about basic coating, but there’s no need to rush things. All the more if I think of all the hand painting that is waiting. I got a quick-drying, clear urethane alkyd varnish. It has good resistance to seawater, sunlight and adverse weather conditions. I’m not 100% sure yet if this is exactly what I need, but may be one of my fellow readers can jump in with some advise about what works best.

More Design Sketches
More pencil ideas to work out

A few days ago, I found a small shop here in Berlin selling high-quality basswood for model making. The new wood works quite well with my swiss carving knifes. Besides that my carving skills are slowly getting better and I really enjoy working on more lure designs. Doing everything by hand without the help of a sawing machine or lathe feels really good, even if it takes a bit longer. :)

Another Carving Session
Carving skills are getting better… :)

More pictures and updates about my lure building attempts to follow soon.

On another note I got in touch with a really interesting person today – Shu Miura, former chief editor of the famous Basser Magazine. Thanks again for our chat today! ありがとうございます。

Already last week I ordered my copy of “Bass Rhapsodies” (バス・ラプソディー) – a book in which Shu Miura is reflecting on a truly fascinating time in Japan’s Bass Fishing history.

“Bass Rhapsodies” (バス・ラプソディー), by Shu Miura

I can’t wait to flip through the pages and hope that my friends in Japan will help me out with translating from time to time.

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