Today marked the 2nd day of an extended father & son weekend. We spent all day tinkering and crafting little things and made a trip to “our” lake in the afternoon. The air was cold and crystal clear, but the fact that the sun came out for our walk around the banks was simply the icing on the lake ermm.. cake.

Touching moss-covered wood is fun!

It’s still a bit early to talk about spring, but temperatures are slowly rising during the day and you can already find sparse signs of spring. Our two-and-a-half year old son is really enjoying these little walks and going fishing with daddy is the only thing he can think of.

Frozen Liepnitzsee
Covered with ice for at least another 1-2 weeks…

I thought it would be nice to share some impressions from today’s trip before a 4-week work marathon. The next few weeks will be packed with work and my heart is already bleeding, because I will not be able to continue working on my lure designs and prototypes during that time. Life is not all guns and roses!

Winterling (Eranthis hyemalis) * Early signs of spring?

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