This blog post’s title says it all. It took me more than a year and endless hours scanning online auctions and “used” sections of the popular topwater shops to add this one to my collection. There are already a few creations by Chiba-based Local Lure in my box, but this one is something special and some sort of sentimental value for me.

反りトンボ ナロー2nd
Local Lure‘s Soritonbo 2nd edition, Color: シダッパ

Not only that it’s a 反りトンボ (Soritonbo) – one of the most thought-after lures by this maker, but it also features my favorite color – called: シダッパ. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a meaningful translation so far, but I will try to hand something in later. :)

反りトンボ ナロー2nd
Local Lure‘s Soritonbo 2nd edition, Color: シダッパ

It’s hard to describe, but the minimalistic pattern and color choice make the シダッパ color really stand out from the crowd. Just love it.

反りトンボ ナロー2nd & カリカリマウス
Local Lure’s Soritonbo and Karikari Mouse in color: シダッパ

On a more general note, I’m still working like a dog to create a little buffer for the upcoming trip to Spain. I can’t wait to finally get on the plain and fly down to warmer climates, because temperatures in Berlin are at a record-low since weeks. It feels like spring is hiding somewhere, or got lost out in the cold. Anyways… 15 days left until I will set foot on mediterran and warmer! ground.

More details about target destinations for the 2-week kayak trip and news about my lure building attempts to follow next week. Stay tuned and enjoy the attached shots!

One thought on “The Hunt Is Over

  1. Christian wrote on :

    Juts like to give you a quick update on the translation of: シダッパ
    It actually means “Fern Leaf”. Quite obvious given the shape of the pattern, huh?

    Thanks a lot to Tim Yamagata & Ryotaro Matsufuji for their translation!

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